Delray Beach Teeth Whitening

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When it comes to the foremost options for improving the appearance of a less-than-perfect smile, the office of Kathryn Boehly DMD is a great place to start. As a leading cosmetic dentist in the area, Dr. Boehly, combines the art and science of dentistry to create aesthetically pleasing results of care. Offering you the expert guidance and the support you deserve, Dr. Boehly will work with you to design a treatment plan that fulfills your cosmetic goals and addresses your dental needs. Whether you are considering a Delray Beach teeth whitening, or one of our other outstanding cosmetic options in care, you can be confident that we are well equipped to address your needs. New patients are always welcome to our state-of-the-art facility, where we take pride in sculpting beautiful smiles.

If you find yourself concealing your teeth when talking amongst your peers or when taking photos, it may be time to be proactive and do something about it! At the office of Kathryn Boehly DMD, we are dedicated to helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals. After performing a comprehensive assessment of your smile, we will work with you to determine the proper course of treatment. Many patients have benefitted from a professional strength Delray Beach teeth whitening treatment. Unlike over-the-counter options that are often unreliable and easy to misuse, a professional whitening treatment is safe, effective, and administered under the supervision of a skilled dentist. At our practice, we offer our Delray Beach teeth whitening treatment in two forms. Our in-office procedure, which is a popular choice for many people, only takes an hour to complete and can leave you with teeth that are up to 8 shades whiter and brighter. If you prefer, we can also provide a customized take-home kit that when used as prescribed can also transform the look of dull, stained, or yellowed teeth into ones that dazzle.

If you are considering Delray Beach teeth whitening or any other cosmetic enhancement to improve the look of your smile, pay a visit to the professionals at the office of Kathryn Boehly DMD today. For more information and to schedule an appointment, give our office a call today.

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